Don’t Count on the Police to Protect Your Rights in Custody

Don’t Count on the Police to Protect Your Rights in Custody When police officers have probable cause to believe that a person has committed a crime, they can legally detain that person. If you end up in custody, you should not count on the police to safeguard your rights. In many instances the opposite happens. […]

What is Stalking under Texas Law?

What is Stalking under Texas Law? The Bureau of Justice Statistics, which is a part of the Office of Justice Programs in the United States Department of Justice, recently published an analysis of 2019 stalking characteristics. Their 2019 Supplemental Victimization Survey to the National Crime Victimization Survey, estimated that almost 3.4 million individuals at least […]

The Long-Term Consequences of the Sex Offender Registry

The Long-Term Consequences of the Sex Offender Registry Since 1991, Texas has maintained a sex-offender registry. Today, Texas has the most populous list of the fifty states–100,000 individuals. California comes in second at 83,000, and New York trails in third with 42,000. Nearly 25 percent of registered sex offenders in the United States are in either Texas […]

Recent Decision Clarifies Habitual Offender Laws

Recent Decision Clarifies Habitual Offender Laws The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals recently issued a ruling that could be viewed as a blow to criminal defendants in the state. The Court affirmed the ruling of an appeals court that reinstated an indictment under one of the state’s habitual offender laws. As a result, the defendant […]

Potential Defenses to Allegations of Sexual Offenses

Potential Defenses to Allegations of Sexual Offenses If you’ve been charged with a sex offense in the State of Texas, you could face serious consequences upon conviction. Hiring experienced Fort Worth sexual assault lawyers is in your best interest if you want to avoid the direct and collateral ramifications. Contacting an attorney as soon as […]

Bonds and EPOs in Domestic Violence Cases

What is an Emergency Protective Order (EPO)?” An emergency protective order (EPO) is a criminally enforceable court order that may be ordered by a magistrate, ex parte, after an arrest for offenses involving family violence. These orders restrict one’s ability to be within 200 feet of the protected locations, which can include the residence, place […]

What Makes an Offense “Domestic?”

What Makes an Offense “Domestic?” In Texas, domestic violence offenses are typically treated more seriously than other misdemeanor offenses. Those convicted of domestic assault will face additional fines, the loss of some rights, and trigger any future domestic violence arrests as felonies. It’s also essential to note that the offender doesn’t have to injure another […]


We are excited to announce that as of February 10, 2022, we relocated Cofer Luster Law Firm to Tindall Square Records Building, 604 E 4th Street, Suite 101, Fort Worth, Texas 76102. The new office provides additional space for easier collaboration and allows us to create new synergies by having our primary investigator physically located […]

Tarrant County Early Voting 2022

Tarrant County Early Voting Early voting for Tarrant County Democratic and Republican primaries begins Monday and runs through Feb. 25. TARRANT COUNTY EARLY VOTING HOURS Feb. 14-18: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Feb. 19: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Feb. 20: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Feb. 21: Closed Feb. 22-25: 7 a.m. to 7 […]


Texas Bar Association The Texas Bar Association is the largest charitable funded bar foundation in the nation, and for five decades they have helped organizations to educate the public, provide legal services to the poor, and protect the vulnerable. Being invited to the Fellows composed of the most elite Texas attorneys is one of the […]