Cofer Luster Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our crew provides client focused, elite level criminal defense. Everyone works closely with each other to take care of our clients. Those clients may be facing criminal charges in state or federal court. The charges range from DWI to Capital Murder. Our lawyers fly around the country to handle complex and high-profile federal cases. But the lawyers are nothing without the committed and loving support of the crew in the office. Our hearts are constantly filled by giving our clients the chance to be back with their families and their dreams. Our hearts are constantly broken by the suffering surrounding our client’s cases. Joining our crew, you’ll find meaning, excitement, and deep connection.

Criminal Defense Receptionist

AKA: Smiling Bomb Defuser
Can you tell a bedtime story while defusing a bomb?
Then you can be the in-office face of our firm!

We need someone whose strengths are:

• Research
• Legal Writing
• Information Writing
• Organization
• Planning
• Reliability
• Listening
• Empathy
• Understanding
• Creativity
• Confidentiality

We need someone that gets joy from:

• Structure
• Task Accomplishment
• Close Connection
• Genuineness
• Control
• Doing for Others
• Understanding Others
• Collaboration


Daily Job Duties:

• Answer a moderate volume of incoming calls.
• Promptly respond to client questions and messages by phone, email or through our case management platform.
• Contact clients about court settings, payments, case progression, and reviews.
• Maintain and update documents related to client accounts.
• Coordinate calls, meetings, communications between attorneys, clients, and potential clients.
• Follow up on all overnight or missed calls intercepted by the answering service in a timely manner.
• Promptly follow up with potential clients.
• Help maintain attorneys’ schedules and calendars.
• Create and nurture a relationship with our clients and patiently guide them through a difficult process.
• Cultivate and maintain relationships with court staff.
• Ensure that our office and common areas are always clean and presentable (this includes stocking the kitchen).
• Positively represent our brand and firm.
• Assist in getting feedback from clients and prospective clients.

Desired Qualifications:

• Must be coachable and respond well to feedback.
• Bachelor’s degree or proven experience in client relations.
• Professional and empathetic spoken communication is essential.
• Proficient computer skills.
• Friendly and welcoming personality.
• Problem-solving aptitude.
• Excellent telephone etiquette.
• Excellent customer/client service skills.
• Ability to multitask and prioritize deadlines.
• Excellent organizational and time management skills.
• Ability to take on tasks and responsibilities outside the job description.
• Exhibit a self-starter mentality that can identify gaps in workflow and come up with creative solutions.
• Ability to embody our brand and company culture.
• REPEAT: Professional and empathetic spoken communication is essential.
• REPEAT: Must be coachable and respond well to feedback.


Worst Parts of the Job:

1. At times you are dealing with high pressure, volatile situations. There may be no roadmap for these situations. Grace under fire is necessary.
2. Prospective clients are calling during a terrible time of life, so they often have a lot of negative emotions that they unload on us.
3. Sometimes (rarely) caller dissatisfaction is unavoidable. Some people are in situations that will have bad outcomes no matter what we do. We can always make it better but not necessarily good. So, you will be in situations where you cannot make someone happy.


Best Parts of the Job:

1. We save and transform people’s lives. The work we do meaningfully helps or even rescues people. How much would you value another year with your parent before they die? How much would you value being able to see your child graduate high school? These are examples of what we are privileged to do for our clients.

2. Our crew is amazing. We care for each other. We laugh together. We cry together. We cannot overstate how fortunate we are to have a crew that is, not only highly skilled, but just good human beings.

3. This work is exciting! We are involved in complex, high-profile cases. We deal with the kinds of cases they make movies and TV shows about. It is fun!

The Pay and Future:

• Pay is $35,000 to $43,000
• Someone starting in this position can advance along a variety of paths within our firm. Whether your passion and aptitude lie in legal work, business operations, or marketing, we have room to help you grow as a member of the crew

How to Apply:

Do you want to join our amazing crew? We want to get to know more about you. Use the form submission below. Attach your resume and cover letter. Also, include in your cover letter a few sentences about your favorite movie villain. We look forward to hearing from you.



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