Defending Individuals Facing Homicide Charges


If you are being investigated or charged with murder, then your entire life hangs in the balance. The quality of your defense team could determine the outcome in your case or the potential sentence that you receive, which could be life in prison or even the death penalty.


The criminal defense attorneys at Cofer Luster Criminal Defense Lawyers, will provide the highest quality legal defense for anyone facing murder and homicide charges throughout Texas, in state or federal court. Our lawyers have a vast amount of experience defending these complex, and sometimes high-profile, cases. We appreciate that these charges are some of the most serious accusations that someone could ever face, and we know and embrace the responsibility that we have to you and your family. Trust us to make every effort to protect you and your rights.

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Defense Attorneys to Trust in Texas


The government is going to devote substantial time and energy to your case. You can count on our attorneys experienced with homicide cases to bring the fight to the prosecution. We take a proactive approach to defense. This means we do not rely on the investigation of law enforcement and prosecutors. We hit the streets to conduct our own investigation. We enlist the services of experts that are at the top of their fields. In today’s criminal justice system, digital technology, biochemistry, and psychology are just a few of the areas essential to presenting the best defense in murder cases. Our experienced lawyers defend a wide range of murder and homicide-related cases, including:

  • Capital Murder – punishable by death or life in prison without parole
  • First Degree Murder – punishable by 5-99 years, or life in prison
  • Manslaughter and Intoxication Manslaughter (vehicular manslaughter)
  • Negligent Homicide


We put in the time and sweat to find creative and effective approaches to your defense strategies and challenging the prosecution’s case at every opportunity. Some of our cases have hinged on mistaken identity, self-defense, and mishandled evidence creating reasonable doubt. No two cases are alike, but experience gives your lawyer the perspective to identify and develop your best possible defensive strategy.

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To talk to one of our defense attorneys about your case, you can call 682-777-3336, or submit the form located below. Call us anytime. Our phones should be answered 24 hours a day, by our legal staff from 9AM – 5PM and our answering service in non-business hours. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards, and our office is located just a few blocks from the Tarrant County Criminal Justice Center in downtown Fort Worth.