America’s criminal justice system takes all charges seriously, but the law imposes especially harsh penalties if you are convicted of a violent crime. Charges such as murder carry extremely lengthy prison sentences, and you will never be able to put the case behind you if convicted.


Cofer Luster Law Firm has the skill and experience you need when you are facing the most serious of criminal charges in Texas, including violent crimes. Our lawyers have defended hundreds of major cases, beginning with the initial investigation through a jury trial. Let us help you evaluate your options and develop the right strategy for your defense.

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More than 20 years of combined experience with over 1,000 domestic violence cases defended.

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You need to proactively fight these charges by starting with an independent investigation. Our attorneys understand what you have on the line, and we fight hard to make sure that your rights are protected and the damage done to your life is minimized. You cannot rely on the investigation of law enforcement and the prosecutors. Once you are a suspect, they see all evidence through the lens of conviction. This often leads to important exculpatory evidence being overlooked.


At every turn, we challenge the evidence that the prosecution will try to use to prove your guilt. This begins with anticipating the case against you, then delving in deep to research, and filing pretrial motions to chisel away the State’s case.


You need to fully understand and embrace that being charged with a violent crime, especially murder, can carry penalties and consequences that will change your life forever. Do not let hopelessness and frustration lead you to simply plead guilty without knowing all of the defenses for a violent crime in  Texas that may be available to you. You have rights, but you have to fight to protect them. Our attorneys are here to help you present the strongest and most thorough defense to these challenges.

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