Assault Charges

Assault charges, especially family violence, can break your life into pieces. Whether you are the person charged, or the alleged victim, you will find the Texas criminal justice system seems to work on autopilot once the police are called for an assault charge. Trying to get police or prosecutors to listen to you is a lost cause and can be dangerous. What you say after the police arrive can make the situation much worse or lead to new charges.


Our team has defended and prosecuted more assault cases than we can count. Every case is unique, but our long list of dismissals certainly says something about our effectiveness. Cody Cofer, James Luster, Pam Boggess, and Demetrice Lopez (of counsel) have all prosecuted assault charges, especially family violence. We know firsthand the challenges and pressures prosecutors face when trying to do the right thing. Our job is to make the prosecutor understand the realities of the situation (not just the charge) and make the prosecutor feel comfortable dismissing the case. At the same time, we are always getting our case prepared for trial.


We provide comprehensive criminal defense for assault charges ranging from simple assault to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Tarrant County aggressively prosecutes assault cases, so you need to find a lawyer to aggressively defend you. Cofer Luster is experienced in the courtroom, in the field investigating, and at the negotiating table. From the moment you walk into our office, we begin building a persuasive argument for the prosecutor to dismiss your assault charge. While working toward a dismissal, we explore every other avenue to keep the assault case off of your permanent criminal record. If the prosecutors decide they will not see reason, then we push them to trial. We pick up our well-prepared case and begin the battle for a “Not Guilty” verdict from a jury. A “guilty” plea is a last resort.

Aggravated Assault

In Texas, these are serious felony charges (Second or First Degree). If someone is convicted, they are facing a long term of incarceration in state prison, back-breaking parole terms and conditions, expensive fines, and likely disqualification for some housing, employment, and even child custody. Contact Us.

Domestic Violence

Even misdemeanor domestic violence cases have serious consequences. In many ways, these charges are treated like felonies. Someone convicted of family violence cannot possess a firearm. (Texas Law and Federal Law). Possession of a firearm after a conviction can result in a new felony charge. A conviction may also impact your housing options. Many apartment and house landlords will not rent a property to someone with a conviction. Contact Us.

Injury to a Child

Injury to a child charges in Texas often arise from false allegations and misunderstood circumstances. Regardless of how innocent you are, with child abuse allegations the system is designed to first and foremost protect children. So, you will be treated like a criminal. Contact Us.




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