Signs it’s time to hire a Texas criminal defense attorney

Knowing when you need to hire a Texas Criminal Defense Attorney is nearly as important as hiring the best Texas Criminal Defense Attorney.

If you’re wondering whether you should hire a criminal defense attorney, you’re most likely facing one of three situations.

First, you may be under investigation for a crime. Before you can be arrested and charged with a crime, especially in regards to white collar crime, an investigation will take place by law enforcement or special investigators. You will usually find out you’re under investigation after you’ve already been under investigation for some time. This means that you need to get ahead of the criminal justice process before charges are made. At this point, you could have been served a search warrant, been interrogated, faced seizure of property, etc. in order to find out that there was a criminal case being built against you.

Second, you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime. Once the police feel they have probable cause and the potential to charge you with a crime they will arrest you and book you in the Tarrant County jail. If you’re outside of Tarrant County, they’ll place you in the county’s respective jail or local police station. During this process, the police will verify your identity and record the charges being filed against you. You may be search and questioned during this time. DO NOT SPEAK TO THE POLICE OR ANYONE OTHER THAN YOUR LAWYER. There’s plenty of time to speak on behalf of your defense later once you’ve spoken with and have been guided by your incredible defense team at Cofer Luster Criminal Defense Lawyers , P.C.

Third, you currently have a public defender and your case isn’t progressing well. It’s not too late as long as you haven’t given in to questioning. Even so, our attorneys, Cody Cofer, James Luster, and Daniel Collins are highly experienced and able to prepare a strong defense despite the lack of notice at the early stages. The faster our criminal defense lawyers can start reviewing your case and building a defense, the more likely it is for you to have your case dismissed.

You Need a Defense Attorney. Now What?

Once you know that you DO need a criminal defense attorney, the question arises: “How to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?” Hiring a Texas Criminal Defense Attorney can feel quite overwhelming. You’re in need of finding the best defense attorney around that has sufficient time to handle your case and give it the detailed look that might provide the way to reach a motion to dismiss your case.

Defense cases can take time and require more effort than the prosecution because we have to verify the prosecutions investigation as well as find holes in their case. This means that hiring your Texas defense attorney should be well thought out. Let’s take a look at some steps you can take to hire a qualified criminal defense attorney quickly.

Check The Criminal Attorney’s Expertise

You need a criminal defense attorney. But, did you know that attorneys that have passed the bar are able to practice in family, criminal, estate planning, and a variety of other areas of law?

You don’t want to hire a family law attorney that dabbles in criminal defense.

You need to make sure that your criminal defense law firm has at least one Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney.

Is Your Attorney Local? You’ll Wish They Were

One of the biggest challenges criminal defense attorneys face is knowing who the prosecution and judge are, their viewpoints, and how to use that to their advantage. If you have an experienced board certified criminal defense attorney, but they don’t know the county officials involved in your case, your case will be that much more difficult to reach a dismissal.

The Bar is Just The Bar. Aim Higher.

You’ve found you a criminal defense team with a board certified criminal defense attorney from your area. Next, find one that you can speak to and understand, and most of all TRUST to represent your life in front of judge and jury.

Don’t Settle For Anyone But Cofer Luster Criminal Defense Lawyers , P.C.

If you want a Board Certified Texas Criminal Defense Attorney, then you need to hire Cofer Luster Criminal Defense Lawyers , P.C. They’re the team you can trust with your life in Texas. Call 682-777-3336 to schedule a consultation immediately.