Helpful Tips to Prepare for the Bar Exam

For undergraduate students and law school hopefuls, the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) is source of stress, focus, and study. In the United States, this exam is one of several things universities use to determine whether someone is admitted to study law. When these students eventually finish law school, there is an even more important exam to conquer: the bar exam, which requires far more preparation and tailored study. The exam is administered twice a year and varies by state. The exam is aimed at evaluating the knowledge and competence of a graduate to practice law within that particular state.


We are based in the Dallas Fort Worth area and our attorneys are licensed by the State of Texas. In 2021, the Texas Supreme Court adopted the use of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). Test scores are portable to other UBE jurisdictions within a certain time frame after the test. The UBE includes three distinct parts: multistate exam, multistate essay exam, and multistate performance test. Each section includes questions on various areas of legal expertise, including civil and criminal laws and procedures. There are multiple choice and essay questions. Standards are high in Texas, as the tester must score at least 270/400. Expectations are even higher in New York and California, according to JD Advising, one of many companies that specializes in bar exam preparation courses and materials.


The test can be incredibly stressful, as it is 2.5 days long. Testers are assigned seats by 8:30 AM for the first session and 1:30 PM for the second section. The environment is rigid: special accommodations must be arranged in advance. Law schools nationwide recommend that testers arrive early, understand the test format, and come prepared for a grueling day.


If you are preparing for the exam, there are many services available to help. BarBri and Kaplan are popular options nationally and offer specific curriculum for the UBE. USC Gould School of Law recommends limiting other activities while preparing for the exam, including help with childcare, paying bills in advance, and even creating meal plans. Visit the links below if you are interested in learning more.


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