Charges Brought Against Woman In Connection To High-Profile 2020 Murder

Further developments have come to light in a high-profile, October 2020 murder of a young mother. A woman, identified here as the former fiancée of the convicted murderer, has been indicted and faces serious stalking charges related to her alleged involvement in this chilling crime.

Murderer Sentenced

The man initially responsible for the murder has been sentenced for his crimes. The ex-boyfriend of the victim, a resident of Rowlett, had been engaging in cyberstalking and ended up committing a violent crime that led to his ex-girlfriend’s death amidst a custody dispute over their young daughter. His actions have resulted in a 43-year federal prison sentence. The ex-boyfriend pleaded guilty to cyberstalking using a dangerous weapon resulting in death and discharging a firearm during a crime of violence. These admissions of guilt came in the wake of his actions on the day of the crime.

He confessed to planting a GPS tracking device on his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle, following her, and then committing the act. It was initially believed that the gunshot would be fatal, but when the victim tried to escape, the offender stabbed her multiple times, resulting in her death.

The Alleged Role Of The Ex-Fiancée

Last month, the ex-fiancée was indicted on three charges stemming from her alleged involvement in the crime. According to the indictment, the ex-fiancée is accused of participating in a scheme to kill the victim. Charges include conspiracy to stalk, stalking using a dangerous weapon resulting in serious bodily injury and death, and brandishing a firearm in relation to a crime of violence.

Allegations Of Deception And Manipulation

As the indictment states, the ex-fiancée allegedly engaged in multiple deceptive actions to harass the victim and lay the groundwork for the crime. In one instance, she allegedly falsely reported the victim’s dangerous driving to the police, and in another, she claimed that the victim’s mother had assaulted her.

Additionally, the indictment alleges that she was involved in a plot to plant illegal drugs and a gun with a scratched off serial number in the victim’s car. The intention was to falsely implicate the victim in criminal activity.

Planning The Fatal Attack

The indictment goes on to reveal an intricate plan leading up to the day of the murder. This included the purchase of a van, presumably to be used in the crime, as well as makeup for the convicted murderer’s disguise. The pair also allegedly bought .410 shotgun shells and a knife in preparation for the attack.

The Day Of The Crime

On the day of the crime, the convicted murderer, disguised and armed, attacked the victim in her car, ultimately leading to her death. Meanwhile, the ex-fiancée is accused of staying at home with the victim’s child in a bid to create an alibi.

The Aftermath And Potential Consequences

The ex-fiancée later allegedly provided false information to law enforcement regarding her former fiancé’s whereabouts during the crime.

However, an indictment is not a conviction. The ex-fiancée is presumed innocent until proven guilty. If she is convicted, she could face up to two consecutive life sentences in federal prison.

The Ongoing Investigation And Legal Process

The investigation into this case has been led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Dallas Field Office, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives’ Dallas Field Office, and the Carrollton Police Department. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys from the Northern District of Texas.


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