Should You Take a Plea Bargain?

You have been charged with a crime. Whether this is your first criminal charge, a second, or subsequent, you need to know the seriousness of the consequences you face and what options, if any, are available to you. By hiring a skilled DFW Metroplex criminal defense lawyer, you can ensure that you consider all of your options and determine what is best for you under these circumstances. Sometimes, a plea bargain is the best solution to your legal troubles.

What is a Plea Bargain?

Not all criminal cases go to trial. In fact, most don’t. A plea bargain is a settlement agreement that resolves one or more criminal charges against the defendant. If a plea bargain is reached, no trial is necessary. 

There are four different categories of Texas plea bargains:

  • Sentence bargaining: The individual receives a lighter sentence recommended by the prosecution. Suppose you are facing charges for trespassing and plead guilty. In that case, the prosecutor could recommend you perform community service instead of going to jail.
  • Charge bargaining: The individual or their DFW Metroplex criminal defense lawyer on their behalf requests a lesser charge from the prosecutor. For example, they agree to plead guilty to a trespassing charge instead of a burglary charge.
  • Count bargaining: Individuals who face several charges may have the option of pleading guilty to only one or a few of them. In exchange for their pleading guilty, the prosecutor drops the remaining charges. Maybe you were charged with assault and drug possession. You agree to plead guilty to assault, and the prosecution drops the drug possession charge.
  • Fact bargaining: The criminal defense attorney requests that the prosecution ignore specific facts in the case that might result in a more severe sentence in exchange for a guilty plea. For example, you are accused of having a specific quantity of illegal drugs that could result in a lengthy prison sentence. Your attorney asks the prosecutor to document a lesser quantity of drugs in your possession in exchange for your co-operation with their continuing investigations.

Should You Agree to a Plea Bargain?

While plea bargaining has its benefits, it should be carefully considered. It’s not always the right solution for every misdemeanor or felony charge. Before you decide whether to plea bargain in your case, it’s highly advisable that you:

  • Consider the seriousness of your charges and the convictions they are likely to result. For instance, if you are likely to go to jail for a long time, you may want to bargain with the goal of a lesser sentence.
  • You should also scrutinize the State’s evidence against you. Suppose they have a lot of accurate and reliable evidence that could lead to a guilty charge. In that case, it’s in your favor to negotiate.
  • Some charges may lead to irreparable issues in your life, including losing your right to vote, your professional reputation, or your ability to hold certain positions. You may decide on a plea bargain to avoid such severe implications.

If you feel your case details are too perplexing or difficult, a DFW Metroplex criminal defense attorney can assist you in making the right decision for your case.

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