Former Bedford Cop Accused Of Tampering With Evidence

BEDFORD, TX – The Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office has charged former Bedford police officer Todd Kristopher Davis with nine counts of evidence tampering, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. They allege that Davis—a former Bedford Officer of the Year—was taking narcotics evidence from the police property room and not submitting evidence to a lab.

Davis, a 42-year-old Grapevine resident, is no longer an employee of the Bedford Police force.

Authorities suspect that Davis was taking previously booked narcotics from the evidence room, and not booking drugs seized in narcotics cases. It is unclear where he took the evidence.

Defense attorneys have been alerted to the allegations, and are currently working to determine how many cases may have been affected by Davis’s alleged crimes. “We are trying to figure out where to go from here,” one attorney told the paper.

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